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George Martinez

George Martinez

Owner and Founder

Jessica and I started smoking years ago, and have tried to quit many times utilizing many different methods. When we were told about a new alternative called “vapor” cigarettes, we decided to investigate it for ourselves. We have gone from inhaling over 4000 known carcinogens every day, to not inhaling any, while having absolutely none of the cravings normally associated with quitting smoking.

Jessica and I both smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes for over 10 years before being introduced to Vapor in 2013. In only a few weeks we had both completely quit smoking tobacco and have been devoted Vapor aficionados ever since.

Are you one of the millions of people in the United States who is addicted to traditional cigarettes, that you feel hopeless that you will ever be able to quit. Like us, you may have given up on all of the cold turkey solutions. There is another option, in the middle between smoking cigarettes and not smoking at all, without the horrible nicotine withdrawals, it will be life changing.  If you switch to vapor, you will no longer have the hot burning smoke in your lungs several times per day. You don’t have to worry about the harm of second hand smoke affecting your loved ones, or embarrassing smoke fumes getting in your hair or your clothing. Vape was our answer, and it can help You quit, too. Contact us if you have any questions 805-925-VAPR

Cal State Vape is the only shop on the Cental Coast that carries fully authentic equipment #endofclones Largest Selection of E-Liquid on the Central Coast, Over 120 Premium Flavors Family Owned & Operated. In addition to the tasting bar, there are tables with seating so that our customers can build their personal atomizers.  Tools and supplies will be supplied free of charge. We want all of our customers to feel at home at Cal State Vape & Lounge.  At Cal State Vape we aim to bring together award winning customer service and LA prices.  No longer will you need to drive to Los Angeles or San Francisco to find what you are looking for if we don’t have something you are looking for chances are we can get it in the next day.

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