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Alongside the X Cube II, Smok is also producing a brand new sub ohm tank, the TFV4. The TFV4 tank, according to Smok, will be a revolutionary sub ohm tank that will change our perspective on them and their place in the industry.

The most impressive of these innovations is the coil heads. The TFV4 comes stock with four different coil head options — S6 (sextuple coil), ClP2 (Clapton), and the RBA deck with a pre-built single clapton coil.

The TFV4’s coil heads are very impressive at first glance… and every glance afterwards. The single and dual coil heads are RBA sections, much like those found in the Kanger Subtank. These RBA sections look like some of the most innovative and easy-to-use rebuildable sections. As long as the RBA sections do not fall short of expectations, they will change the game for the rebuildable tank scene.

The last two coil heads available with the TFV4 are the triple and quadruple non-rebuildable coil heads. With the majority of tanks on the market using only single and dual coil heads, the TFV4’s coil heads are unbelievable. The triple coil head is rated from 40W-130W which is completely unheard of at this point. But the TFV4 does not stop there; it also has that quad coil head, and that sucker is rated fro 40W-140W, making it the most coil head on the market right now.


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